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Author TitaniumTwisters.com
1/25/2012  at 6:34:13 AM
Hey everyone, this is Rob with the Realty Intel softball team. There's this cool website www.TitaniumTwisters.com that lets you customize those titanium infused rope necklaces. They have 40+ colors to choose from and do single-strand, double-strand, triple-strand (braided), and their own unique Quad (4-strand braided). You can get them in your team colors etc. They make great customized gifts and the company also has a great fundraising program for teams/organizations. Check out their website at:
Heres a link to one of their YouTube ads:
Sorry to post a business type ad on here, but I thought it was a cool site and Im trying to help get the word out for them. The necklaces/bracelets are assembled right here in the U.S. Our team has used them for fundraising and it worked out well for us!

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