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Author Fall Special on Uniforms
 All the Way Live Designs
11/7/2012  at 11:53:30 AM
Promotional Sale going on Now!!

Full Dye Shirt and Sub Dye pants on sale for $90 per player.
Order a Full Dye Shirt and a Sub Dye Hoody for $70. Must order at least 10 sets. Logo, artwork, and setup is $75 for these packages unless stock logo/numbers are used.
Add a 3-d hat to either package for $20 per player.

Check out our current designs at www.atwldesigns.com or at softballfans.com. http://forums.softballfans.com/forumdisplay.php?f=103

Contact us at sales@atwldesigns.com
or speak with one our designers at 866.727.6777

We also do custom sub dye shirts, shorts, hoodies, towels, hats and arm sleeves

Price Comparison (per player)

All the Way Live Designs Sale: 1 full dye shirt and 1 sub dye pants for $90. A $15 dollar savings.

Rover Plus Nine: 1 full dye shirt $44.99 and 1 custom sidewall pant $79.95. Total: $124.94

Boombah: 1 full dye shirt $39-49 depending on fabric. 1 sub dye pant $79. total: $108-118.

Xtreme graphic designs: 1 full dye shirt $42.50. 1 sub pant for $70. Total: $112.50

Mojo Sports: 1 full dye shirt and 1 standard pants non sub dye and 1 hat for $108.64 plus $85 artwork fee and must order 12

Wicked Sports: 1 full dye shirt and 1 standard non sub dye pant for $85

All info obtained form each companies website

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