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Author Uniform Sale>A New Look for the New Year
 Post # 91
12/26/2012  at 1:14:50 PM
Uniform Sale Going on Now!!!
Does your Team NEED a New Look for the New Year?
Then Check Out All The Way Live Designs!

Some of Our Current Promotions Going On Now:

$55 For Full Dye Shirt & Sub Dye Shirt (per Player. Must Order 10 Sets)
$40 Sub Dye Shirt & Microfiber Shorts (per Player. Must Order 10 Sets)
$70 Full Dye Shirt & Sub Dye Hoody (per Player. Must Order 10 Sets)
$105 Full Dye Shirt & Full Dye Pants
***$75 artwork fee applies per order.

Order Now! Check Out Our Website: www.allthewaylivedesigns.com
Browse Our Completed Samples Page to See What Else We Have to Offer.
Or Call One of Our Designers at 866-727-6777

Free Giveaways to Anyone that Registers on Our Site. Drawings Are Held Weekly and One Winner Per Week Will Be Picked.

Thanks to All and Happy Holidays from the All The Way Live Designs Team
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