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Author 19th Kendrick Classic in Valdosta - 3/16
 Nathan Kendrick
3/1/2013  at 10:31:55 PM
19th Annual Kendrick / Worth Bat Classic
Freedom Park Softball Complex
March 16th & 17th 2013 Valdosta, GA
Mens Entry Fee $300 Deadline to Enter is March 12th
Approved 1.20 bats
6 - 10ft pitching with No Faking & No Juking
Over $35,000 in Prizes & Awards

Here is the link to the Tournament Flyer with all the info on it


* All Teams need to go to the WSL website to fill out there Roster by March 12th


Mens Upper Division, 10 Home Runs then a Out

Mens ( C ) Division, 4 Home Runs then an Out

Mens ( D ) Division, 2 Home Runs then an Out

Mens ( E ) Division, 0 Home Runs then an Half Inning Ending Out

Womens Lower Division 2 HR then an Out

The Awards will be the Same for all Divisions :

* Note -But Must have 20 teams enter for Full Prize Payout of ($7,000.00 for Each Division)*

1st Place: 5 New Worth Bats, 15 Batting Gloves, 15 WSL Hats, 15 WSL Tee-shirts, Team Plaque , 1 MVP Plaque, & 4 All Tournament Awards

2nd Place: 3 New Worth Bats, 15 Batting Gloves, 15 WSL Tee-shirts, Team Plaque, 1 ODP, & 3 All Tournament Awards

3rd Place: 2 New Worth Bats, 15 WSL Hats, 15 WSL Tee-shirts, Team Award, & 2 All Tournament Awards

4th Place: 1 New Worth Bat, 15 WSL Tee-shirts, & 1 All Tournament Award

*If less than 12 teams in a bracket it goes to a 3GG*

You can call me on my Cell # 229-460-7474 Cell

or send me at e-mail at nathan@worldsoftballleague.com

or call the WSL office # 850-971-4400

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