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Author SAVE $40 at RoverPlusNine.com
 Rover Plus Nine
 Post # 20
11/3/2014  at 10:44:58 AM
SAVE $40 at RoverPlusNine.com

$40 OFF The Highest Quality Pants on the market - Made in the USA
Now through 11-22-2014, save $40 on your Rover Plus Nine Softball Pants. Buy any TWO IN-STOCK Pants, use the code BOGOSAVE40 at checkout, and you'll save $40 off your order.*

Here's the 411: Enter the code at checkout where it says "Coupon or Promo Code". BOGO will be applied as $30 off the total of the two pants. An additional $10 will be discounted as a Team Discount. Minimum order value for two pants is $80.

Offer only valid on IN-STOCK pants, sitting on the shelf, ready to ship - Not for "Make My Size" options.

Call us at 817-562-5300 or Email Rachel@RoverPlusNine.com for more info.

Interested in Early Bird pricing for Team Packages?
Call us at 817-562-5300 for more info on how to get the Best Deal.

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