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Author Daughter's Catcher's equipment...
 John Hunting
 Post # 33
10/28/2016  at 8:32:14 AM
Hi, quick question about the �rules� regarding my daughter�s catcher's equipment. I was wondering about the difference between purchasing the gear as a set and hoping for the best like this one: http://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/under-armour-senior-victory-series-fastpitch-catchers-gear-kit-uawck2-srvs/ or purchasing everything separately. The reason I ask is I recently purchased this facemask: http://www.baseballbargains.com/shop/allstar-vela-fastpitch-softball-youth-catchers-helmet-mvp2510m/ and it fits really well. A girl on her team has the matching leg guards and my daughter tried them on and they were very loose. Am I better off buy everything separately to fit? Or save the money and go with the set? Appreciate any advice!

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