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  Frequently Asked Questions

At, we try to make a web site community that is easy to navigate and interact with, but there are times when you might have questions. We have compiled a short list of questions that have often been asked over the years so that you might be able to read here and get your answers right away.
Frequently Asked Questions
Team Web Sites
When I purchase a Team Web Site, how long will it run?
Are there any hidden or extra costs in my Team Web Site?
How does my Team Web Site get updated?
Can I add my own Photos or Team Logo to the site?
  Message Boards
Can anyone have a Message Board?
What happens if a user violates the Terms of Service?
I have been banned from posting a message, what does this mean?
  Interactive Section
Can anyone post in the Classifieds?
What kind of items or ads can be posted in the Classifieds?
What is the General Message Board used for?
How do I know if you have a product in stock?
Who can I contact about an online sale?
  Links Section
How do I add a link to your Association, Companies or Sponsor Links?
How do I advertise with or get pricing information?

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