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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author LOTS OF Qua;ity Shaved ASA Bats for sale
     That Guy
    7/20/2011  at 1:16:57 AM
    I will give a short general description of each and my price (all are OBO). Prices are gifted through paypal or add 3% for fees and shipped USPS priority insured. If your interested in Something either post on here and I will respond or leave what # you are interested in and your e-mail and I will get back to you thanks for looking.

    1. Easton 28OZ OG SCX2 USSSA Synergy 2nd batch hot starting to crack but still hitable $60
    2. Easton SCN12 26OZ Great condition not many hits on her 1 OZ out 1 OZ EL hot bat $150
    3.Easton SCX2 27OZ EL feel Re-issue like new still needs some hits to open up $150
    4.Easton SCN3 OG Flex 26.5 good condition low # of hits no webbing or rattle $350
    5.Easton SCN9 ASA Stealth 27OZ good condition slight click from connection piece no webbing good shape most hits were pre shaving $250
    6.Easton SCX3 28OZ OG Extended I cannot be more clear here bat is New out of the Wrapper you should see this thing its beautiful $500
    7.Easton SCX3 28OZ Og Extended this is my gamer broken in Stupid Hot Webbing no rattle solid bat $350
    8.Miken Recoil Maxload 27OZ good shape cosmetic wear but a solid bat most hits were pre shave so wear is cosmetic bat is solid hits well but needs a few more cuts before it really is a beast $225
    9.Miken Freak 98 28.5OZ Really Really Good condition swings very endloaded so make sure your into that before considering this stick $275
    10. Easton SCN8 2008 Flex 28OZ Mint hardly swung under 100 hits still needs breaking in $265
    11. Easton SCN8 2008 Flex 27OZ cosmetic wear but very solid bat $225
    12. Demarini Juggernaut 27OZ not shaved just pulled Foam out and endloaded hits like a shaved stick good condition $200
    13.Easton Stealth SCN9 28OZ Mint $325
    14.Worth Mayhem fastpitch 27OZ (orange one) webbed up hot $175
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    8/10/2011  at 5:10:10 PM
    Is the Miken Freak 98 still available? I may be interested. Thank you.
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     That Guy
    8/14/2011  at 11:40:38 PM
    Yes the Freak 98 is still available send me your e-mail I will get some pics to ya and we can talk thanks!
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    10/25/2011  at 10:55:53 AM
    Is the Easton SCN8 27oz still available?
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    10/25/2011  at 11:28:39 AM
    if the SCN8 is still available please email me
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