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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author bat rolling
    11/19/2011  at 12:20:17 AM
    (360) 910-8514 (askfor Corey) This is the PPR 320+ BLACK MAMBA softball/baseball bat rolling machine. This is guaranteed. That means it will breakin your bat and you'll be able to hit the ball further/harder without swinging any differently. This will not Void your warranty in any way. This service is undetectable, legal, and will not wear out your bat in any way! These machines are over $500.00 anywhere you look to buy them, so this is the way to get your bat rolled locally, conveniently, and inexpensively. Otherwise you'll have to pay shipping/handling charges to and from someone you'll never meet, then be without your bat while it goes back east somewhere for 2-5 weeks or more to be rolled. You bring your bat to me, I roll it right in front of you, and your on your way in 10 minutes or less. THAT SIMPLE!!! This machine has two 7" rollers which roll the length of your bats sweet spot. Other smaller rollers leave your bats wavy (flat spots). TEXT/Call me (360 910-8514) with questions and/or to set up an appointment. Thanks and GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON. Please remember bat rolling will help your bat perform up to its' maximum potential, but will not make anyone a better hitter. Only good coaching and practice will do that. Bat rolling will help your bat perform as it should without an extended break in period. Disclaimer-This is in no way affiliated with anything that has to do with modifying, shaving, or physically altering any kind of bat. My machine quickly and evenly "breaks-in" bats without the impact of hitting a ball. PS-I am not able to roll big barrel bats. P.S.-You can also ship your bat to me if needed. It's about $5-$6.00 to ship to me. PPP.S.--Give me a call with multiple bat's and we can work out a price depending on how many you have for me to roll. Thanks.(360) 910-8514 ***KEYWORDS: DeMarini, juggernaut, white steel, juice, evo, f2, f3, Easton, synergy, stealth, mizuno, crush, worth, wicked, nike, miken, nrg, ultra, ultra2, freak, ultimate weapon, maxload, rip-it, plasma, maniac, wrath, prodigy, envy, hammer, ambush, pst, blur, techzilla, nexus, combat, 375, anderson, mayhem, mutant, vexxum, tpx, cf3, cf4, j2, flyswatter, rd28, phenix, flyswatter, cf4, O.G.,Asa,usssa,nsa,fastpitch,slowpitch,girls,baseball,little league
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