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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author Conversion service
    2/23/2013  at 10:21:34 PM
    If anyone is looking for top quality conversions let me know. I only use chemical transfers, so please check with me for availability of some transfers. As of right now i have '13 asa super freak 98's, and can get most any of the older stuff that has been around for several years although supplies of certain transfers is running low or gone. '13 freak plus' are still about two weeks away, but if you get your bat to me soon i can have it ready to apply the transfers as soon as they arrive. We are working on getting several others made also, and will have them by march. All conversions will last the life of any bat or i will redo it for free. Let me know if you have any other questions, and feel free to email me at because i seldom check this site..
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    3/25/2013  at 6:46:30 PM
    '13 Freak Plus' are here now, so if anyone wants one let me know...
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    4/15/2013  at 8:50:51 AM
    Asa and utrip mayhems will be here has been slow lately, so orders can be done in a week. I realize not many people know my quality of work since i took a couple yrs off to find materials that would hold up, and if your conversions are holding up till the bat breaks without a single problem then theres no reason to try someone else, but if not then i would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Not sure how anyone can go wrong when im giving a written money back guarentee instead of just saying it...
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    5/21/2013  at 7:54:41 PM
    I'm interested in getting a ultra 2 conversion to a freak plus with 2012or 2013 stickers on it as soon as possible. I have a used ultra 2 I can send you ir if you have one let me know price on each and how long it will take. 29-30weight.
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    6/28/2013  at 12:57:12 PM
    Are you still offering the ultra 2 conversions? if so I'd like to get one
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    7/22/2013  at 3:35:08 PM
    still available? how much?
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    9/7/2013  at 3:43:16 PM
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