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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author Picaso conversion for sale
    5/2/2013  at 10:57:44 AM
    I have a 27 oz miken ultra 2/velocite. It's the 2012 white and black one. It has the engraved serial number and endcap change. As you should already know picaso has tapped into the factory process so the bat
    Will never spiderwebb. It's a perfect conversion. A pics of the glue from the endcap has come loose inside but doesn't
    Affect the performance obviously. Email me at
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    5/10/2013  at 9:56:22 AM
    Is this letters on bat painted or decals
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    2/10/2014  at 9:53:18 PM
    What's your correct email lmk thanks
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