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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author Cheaters!
    4/1/2010  at 7:07:05 AM
    I have been noticing alot of post about juiced,shaved, and painted bats. I just started playing ball down in the south(florida/bama area) so I guess I just dont the norm yet. But can someone explain to me how or why that is not cheating. And if it is why is it just out in the open like this. Do we just not care that these people are selling and using illegal bats or am I just wrong. Dont mean to sound like a whistle blower but can someone please enlighten me, cuz where I'm from that's frowned upon.
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    4/27/2010  at 10:44:52 PM
    I hear Sniper. This is a very sore topic. I have my opinion. Most know how I feel. All I will say is that all bats are produced by certified companies.
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    6/10/2010  at 10:02:52 AM
    SHAVED BAT HEROES!! Noone complains about these bats, because a majority of the guys using them or shaving them are what we call SHAVED BAT HEROES. Guys that stunk or couldn't hit a lick with the original aluminum bats.. but then they started making Double Wall bats and eventually Composite bats, and these characters learned how to shave them.. which in turn meant they could finally hit the ball out of the infield. I am proud to say, I purchase all the bats for my team, and every one comes direct from Manufacturer still in the wrapper.. and we still compete and win tournaments. The SHAVED BAT HEROES don't win anything.
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     Chase Thrasher
    6/20/2010  at 1:34:03 AM
    Sniper this is for you.. Its just frowned upon right now until someone gets pissed and hits middle with their shaved bat and kills a pitcher.. Then they will start checking their bats.. But unfortunately it is going to take something that serious before something is done about it..
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