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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author March 3 Tourney
     Limbo base ace
    2/22/2012  at 11:53:08 AM
    Who's planning on playing other than the teams already listed?

    DOUBLE ELIMINATION March 3rd Bethesda-MACON-Rockmart-Bainbridge
    Posted by Rusty on February 22, 2012, 11:36 am
    Board Administrator

    Saturday March 3rd (4) Parks are available

    1.Bethesda::Double Super 8 Points Double Elimination $250.
    Call Rusty 678-407-0642::678-409-6060
    Plaques and T-shirts
    Men's (Er)(E)(E+)(Se)

    2.Rockmart::Double Super 8 Points Double Elimination $250.
    Call Rusty 678-407-0642:::678-409-6060
    Robert Lee 770-845-8556
    Plaques and T-Shirts
    Men's (Er)(E)(E+)(Se)

    3.MACON Central City Complex Double Elimination $250.
    Rafael Vga 478-320-0094
    Rusty 678-407-0642:::678-409-6060
    Plaques and T-Shirts
    Men's (Er)(E)(E+)(Se)(D)

    4.Bainbridge, Georgia:::::Bill Reynolds Sports Complex
    Ron King 404-538-0041
    Art Griffin 404-663-3302
    Rafael Vega 478-320-0094
    Rusty 678-407-0642:::678-409-6060

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