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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author Feb 25 GA Tourney & Order of finish 2/25
     Limbo base ace
    2/22/2012  at 11:55:44 AM
    Come Get Your Chance, February 25, 2012:
    Bethesda, Lawrenceville (Super 8 Double Pts)- Men's(er)(e)(e+)(se)


    Dellinger Park, Cartersille -(Er)(E)(E+)(SE)(D)


    Dellinger Park, Cartersille -All Classes Women & Co-ED

    The race is on for the 13th Annual Super 8 Series Championship which is held at the pristine Al Bishop Complex in Marietta. This is where the best of the best, walk the walk & talk the talk, to rise (BIG) to the top and prove they are True Champions. Playing in the Finals of The Super 8 Series means the finest teams always have & always will play for free! Doesnt matter which Super 8 park you play at- as long as you are gaining Super 8 Points & meeting all the minimum number of tournaments required to qualify! So, you cant buy your way in, you cant steal your way in, you just gotta be the best, beat the rest & then be even better.
    Do you have the endurance, ability, skill, strength and power to achieve something worth winning? Show up and lets see if you are truly UP for the challenge!!

    CALL Home: 678-407-0642 (HOME: MONDAY thru Saturday 9am-9pm)
    CALL Cell: 678-409-6060 (CELL: 24hours a day- (7)days a week)
    BY TEXT: 678-409-6060 (TEXT: 24hours a day- (7)days a week)

    BY FAX: 678-407-0614 (FAX: 24hours a day- (7)days a week)
    BY EMAIL: (EMAIL: 24hours a day- (7)days a week)
    WEBSITE: (WEB: 24hours a day- (7)days a week)



    1.FALL Rules
    2.Pick your own Home Runs each game at the plate before coin flip
    3.Team can move up or down
    4.Run spot (4) per home run
    5.Home Runs 1-3-5 over limit is an out
    6.Play with a minimum of (8) MALE players
    7.Play up to (11) male players on defense
    8.NO frozen Rosters
    9.Play N.S.A. (C)(D)&(E) players ONLY
    10.NO player Classification protest
    11.MALE players ONLY
    12 Hit any legal N.S.A. BALL (44cor) (400comp)

    _____________________________________________________________CONGRATULATIONS To All Teams who played in the 2/18/12 - super 8 series Tournament(s)
    @ Dellinger Park, Cartersville
    Sponsored by: Elite Sporting Goods
    & The Sports Authority

    1.Walkoff Sports 4-0 (2)Bats @ (@)Bat Bags
    2.Bash Bros. 5-1 (1)Bat @ (1)Bat Bag
    3.Ga.Dynasty 3-1
    Men's (D)
    1.Walkoff Sports 3-0 (1)Bat @ (1) Bat Bag
    2.Drive By 2-1
    3.S.B.I. 1-2
    4.P.T.I. 0-3

    Men's (E+)(Se)
    1.Ga.Dynasty 3-0 (1)Bat @ (1)Bat Bag
    2.Trion Merchants 2-1
    3.Tenacious D 1-2
    4.Elusive 0-3

    Men's (Er)(E)
    1.Bash Brothers 4-0 (1) Bat @ (1)Bat Bag
    2.Players Only 3-1
    3.Smash It 2-2
    4.KC 1-3
    5.No Limit 0-4
    ************************************************************* Order of finish at Johnson Park, Conyers for Saturday
    February 18th Super 8 Worth Bat Tournament

    1.Southern Mayhem 1-0 (2)Bats @ (2) Bat Bags
    2.American Security 0-1

    Men's (Se)
    1.Southern Mayhem 3-0 (1) Bat @ (1)Bat Bag
    2.Damage Inc. 1-3
    2.Hustlers 1-3
    2.Classic City Dawgs 1-3

    Men's (Er)(E)
    1.American Security 4-0(1) Bat@ (1)Bat Bag
    2.Ga.Boys 2-2
    3.Team Ga. 2-2
    3.Team Ion. 2-2
    5.Team Guru 1-3
    6.A/G BB 1-3
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