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This forum is for general softball information.   Whether you are looking for information on a particular tournament, rules, directions to parks or anything else you can think of, you are welcomed to use this forum to get answers from other players or coaches.
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    Author $300 1st Mens Tourney Hamilton AL 8/23
    8/18/2014  at 6:40:10 PM
    August 23 Mens Softball Tournament in Hamilton, AL on August 23, 2014.

    44 balls/400

    Any bats except Ultra 2s

    Entry Fee - $150 per team

    4 Home runs

    Prizes: Based on 8 -10 teams

    1st - $300.00 plus T-shirts
    2nd - T-shirts
    3nd T-shirts

    Pitch count is going to be a 1:1 count when come to the plate with a courtesy foul.

    For more info contact call 205-495-1731 or email at
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    8/19/2014  at 12:22:50 PM
    Guaranteed 3 games.
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